Dormers Nassau County

Is it time to add more space on to your home? Islander Home Improvement has been building Dormers Nassau County beautiful  and new construction homes for years.

Pat Gentile – Owner of Islander Home Improvement has been operating in Nassau and Suffolk counties for the last 35 years. With over 3000 satisfied customers, Pat and his team have brought Dormers Nassau County to life for many families making their remodeling and construction dreams come to life.

Located in Levittown NY, Islander Home Improvement has been creating dynamic Kitchens, Bathrooms, Dormers Nassau County,  Remodels and more impressively new homes. In the last few years Islander has built some very beautiful homes in the Levittown market. These homes have caught the eyes of other builders as well taking notice how Islander can build new and still keep the cost affordable.

Cost is important and that is why Islander will make sure to use the best materials at the best cost to the home owner. We use only quality materials and work with all the top supply companies on the Island.

Our team of professionals consistently get praised by the customers, with their excellent customer service and attention to detail. Islander Home Improvement is dedicated to not only doing the best job, but making sure our customers are constantly referring us to their friends and family. Our customers don’t only consider Pat their builder, but friend as well.

Cost is important

Cost is important and we try to keep it down. Our Experienced Project managers have been working at getting the best material at the best cost for years. We work with only the best materials and keep it affordable for the home owner.


How long will your project take? Well that depends on a multiple of factors, your blueprints being approved, building permits, financing just for starters. Our team of contractors once able to get going will get your project completed in a timely manner.

Scope of works

One of the most important parts of starting a new project is making sure everyone is aware of the expectations, and the time it will take to complete the job. Islander Home Improvement works with some of the finest contractors in the industry, and our value is in our reputation. Getting your project done to plan and scope is our focus.

Looking to dormer or renovate your home? Islander Home Improvement will take $1000 off your next renovation if you sign before 12/31/18

  • Karen

    My house was the worst looking house on the block until Islander came and now its the nicest house in the neighborhood.

  • Mark ( Mark from Huntington )

    Islander redid my roof and the following year my windows and siding and last year my kitchen and bathroom, they just completed my driveway too I give them all my work and also recommend them to my brother who used Islander to do his roofing and siding.

  • "they are the ONLY contractor of choice."

    Mike & Michelle ( Mike & Michelle from Levittown )

    Islander is the greatest they did my kitchen and bathroom, I highly recommend them and will only use them as far as my husband and I are concerned they are the ONLY contractor of choice.

  • "we now have the nicest house in West Hempstead"

    Joe & Lucia ( Joe & Lucia from West Hempstead )

    Hey Pat great hearing from you, anything we can do to help! We were very happy with what you did for us, we now have the nicest house in west hempstead. Best of luck.

  • "I recommend them all day."

    Nadine ( Nadine from Laurel Hollow )

    I live in a beautiful home worth over 1.8 million dollars and Islander brought the value to over 2 million dollars I recommend them all day they did such a great job.


Pat Gentile



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Levittown, NY 11756